Friday, November 7, 2014

Fall fall fall

Oh hey, just me. Haven't written in for-ev-er, but I'm back for now.

If you know me at all, you know I'm a summertime girl. A ninety-degree-weather-bathing-suit-&-tees- go-to-the beach-every-day kind of girl. (There is a reason I married a man from the beach!). But as I have gotten older, I have to say that I have come to really love fall. The coolness of the morning, the freshness of a new season, the comfort of hearty soups and the excitement of holidays on the horizon makes this time of year so fun.

(can you guess who did which one?)

Where we live it takes a while for fall to hit. We were rocking the eighty degree weather well into October and there were plenty of beach-worthy days right up until Halloween. Finally, things seemed to have cooled down for good. We've broken out the long sleeve shirts and sweaters, the down vests and boots. I cooked up several soups and we've eaten them with warm corn bread dipped in. The down comforter is even on our bed now, which is pretty exciting because I fight to have that thing year around, but Will insists its only for fall/winter.

 Even though I have a cup of tea every morning, I find that this time of year makes me savor it even more. I hop out of bed, throw on some slippers to protect my feet from the frigid hardwoods and turn on the kettle. Unloading dishes and cleaning up messes I ignored the night before, I wait for the whistling that tells me my water is ready. The past few days, I've found myself refilling my mug for round two of Earl Grey. It's so nice to just sit, slowly wake up and spend some time doing a devotional (currently doing one on Colossians and it's awesome).

Fall for us has meant long walks on Saturdays and Sundays through our favorite neighborhoods. Picking out our dream houses from the historic areas of Wilmington and sometimes stopping in for a coffee on the walk home. It means flannel shirts and neighborhood hangouts outside, fires in the fire pit and (if I bug Will enough) fires in our indoor fireplace soon!

 The neighborhood Oktoberfest (below) was awesome; totally taking things too far-- like a 20 person German band, costumes & lots & lots of lights-- and I loved it.

And as always during seasons of work for Will, this time is one of cramming in as much time as we can get together even when that means sacrificing other things (normal daily chores etc). They have been filming downtown a bunch lately so I've popped in for "lunch" with Will a few days. Lunch is normally at some random time that is totally not lunchtime for normal people. Sometimes its my dinner-ish time, other times it's the middle of the afternoon. Ninety five percent of the time I spend more time finding parking downtown than I do eating with him, but like I said we are just cramming in as much time as we can get. Thankful for a man who works hard! (Check out his camera cart on set!).