Thursday, May 16, 2013

Married to a photographer

When you're married to a photographer you often find yourself in awkward situations where you're posing for a ridiculous amount of time only for him to say, "can you move slightly to the left?" I'm not that photogenic, yet somehow I become the subject of so many photos Will takes. Its sweet & I'm learning to stop making funny face & just go along with it. Luckily we do have some awesome photos & I am thankful we will have wonderful pictures of our future children for FREE!

Anyway on this past vacation I decided I was going to take some video. I'd been thinking about life & capturing all the wonderful, simple moments. I love still photography but there is something to be said about a video. I took random clips throughout our trip on my iphone and my point-and-shoot. I promise this is nothing great at ALL & compared to Will's work it is horrible, but I think I captured the beautiful scenery and simple moments with my favorite person. 

You can check out the video at A look at our trip through the eyes of the non-photographer.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Everything's bigger in Texas

After our trip to the farm, we headed south to hit a few cities in Texas. First, we had a wonderful visit with Will's aunt, uncle & cousin in Fort Worth. It was such a joy to spend time with them & catch up on life. We so would have liked to spend more time with them, but we had to keep moving to squeeze everything into a short week. Aunt Kris & Uncle Chuck took us to a fun Mexican restaurant in Fort Worth & gave us a driving tour of their city.

The next morning, we headed on to Austin. We've been wanting to go there for a while now. It seems every magazine you pick up lists Austin as one of the top cities to visit or top "foodie" cities. Since Will & I are aspiring foodies, we were itching to get out to Austin & experience the food scene. One of our first stops was at a local coffee shop, Houndstooth Coffee, where the baristas began listing off restaurants and bars that we should hit up while we were in town. I won't list all of the places we ate & went, but let me tell you we eat WELL. Austin, we loved your charm & eclectic feel; we will most definitely be back.

One of many cups of coffee on this trip.

Awesome pizza in SoCo.

Second Bar & Grill- loved eating outside!

Hotel San Jose-check it out. Awesome location & wonderful hotel.

Our last stop was Corpus Christi to visit one of our good friends, Ben. We loved getting to see him & seeing where he works. Ben works at a high-end gun shop in Corpus. He also is currently living on a sailboat. Dream bachelor pad? Pretty much. I think Will was a little jealous & we fully enjoyed laying on the deck & admiring all the boats. 

Observations about Texas: everyone owns a truck. whataburgers are everywhere. gas is cheap. and mexican food is served for breakfast.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Vacation: Part One (Farm Life)

Its been awhile since I've been on here. Finally getting organized & settled after a wonderful vacation with Will. Sometimes you don't realize how badly you need a break until you get one. It was glorious! Time together & with family/friends, good food & lots of rest. 

We did a little southwest tour of Oklahoma & Texas. Our first stop was to see Will's older brother, James, who manages an organic farm in Oklahoma (about an hour or so from Oklahoma City). We so enjoyed our time on the farm & the quietness that comes with farm life. They have a little farmhouse that we stayed in & I loved the simplicity of the place- no TV, no internet & a beautiful view. We slept in & then toured the farm. I was so impressed by how hard James works & I loved seeing him in "boss mode." We are truly so proud of him- what an awesome example of hard work & persistence. 

view from our farmhouse

We saw how difficult & unpredictable farming is while out there. A hail storm ruined newly planted crops.

James made us breakfast from fresh farm products: eggs, spinach & turnips. Also, peach butter on the toast (my favorite!).

Thankful for another older brother who welcomes us into his home.

Check out that "Cooper Organics" label on there!!