Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Andddd the adventures continue...

We are becoming quite familiar with "in sickness and in health," particularly the "in sickness" part. Will has recovered quickly and I think is pretty much back to himself again. But, our marriage  is an adventure, so soon after Will was feeling better, I began having back pain. For over a week, I was suffering from this pain until I had Will take a look at my back since it felt bruised. He told me there was a large lump to the left of my spine and begged me to go to the doctor the following day. 

In short, I've been to two different doctors and both are stumped. No one seems to know what it could be. I was told that it could possibly be a really bad muscle spasm. Thankfully, the pain has gotten significantly better and the lump has disappeared. The doctors want me to get an ultrasound on my back tomorrow just as a precaution, but they anticipate it will come back clear.

Needless to say, Will and I are praying for good health and low medical bills. We are thankful that neither of our issues have been major, and although we do enjoy an adventure, I think we'd be OK with a little bit of normal for a while.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This adventurous marriage.

Yesterday marked one beautiful, crazy month of marriage. We thought the honeymoon was an adventure, but I guess that was just the beginning.

Sunday, Will had an emergency appendectomy. I noticed he wasn't acting himself when he hardly ate his dinner and refused birthday cake on Saturday night. He complained of a stomach ache that night and woke up feeling the same. Since I knew the symptoms from personal experience, I was confident he had an appendicitis. After much convincing, begging and several phone calls to friends for advice, I practically dragged him to the ER. Fortunately the ER was pretty deserted on Sunday morning, so they took us back quickly. Will told me not to tell anyone we were there until it had been confirmed that it was actually something serious. After the CT came back, showing an appendicitis, we called his family and his coworkers. The surgery was fast and he was back in a hospital room in no time. Sadly, they didn't come get me until AFTER the anesthesia had worn completely off. We spent the night on those lovely, comfy beds and by 4:30 am were awake and ready to go home.

He is healing quickly and already hobbling around. Yesterday, he hobbled into my office to bring me flowers for my birthday. 

You know, its funny how things work out for good. Will was supposed to be out of town for a few days, including my birthday. Even though hes in pain, we get one week of time together. Dinner together, hanging out with friends together ... this is crazy! We are loving it.

Sorry it took an appendictis to get you a break from work, but I sure am loving all this quality time.

Check out this cute outfit...

Monday, August 6, 2012

Weddings on weddings on weddings

This is definitely the year of weddings.

We are happy to now be carefree and attend with zero responsibility! This past weekend we were able to go back to our favorite town and share a beautiful wedding with our sweet friends, Leigh-Anna & Philip. After not seeing each other for a week, Will & I were thrilled to spend some time together. Congrats to the newest newlyweds, welcome to the club!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

We will not be silent.

I came across this awesome book trailer while reading a blog earlier. It explains the struggles of a woman suffering with depression and her husband as he stayed faithful to her.

What a wonderful story of hope and love; as well as a great reminder to all of us that we must continue to bring light to mental illness. It is my hope that we can be bold and talk to anyone and everyone about this cause. I believe that through awareness, there is hope for others. Therefore, we will choose to not be silent.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gillian Welch song

If you are curious about the blog title, it was taken from a Gillian Welch song, "Dear Someone." Will and I danced to this at our wedding and the lyrics are special to us. Check out the song-- it has a great, folk-y sound.

I want to go all over the world
And start living free
I know that there's somebody who
Is waiting for me
I'll build a boat, steady and true
As soon as it's done
I'm going to sail along in the dreams
Of my dear someone

One little star, smiling tonight
Knows where you are
Stay, little star, steady and bright
To guide me afar
Blow, little wind, over the deep
For now I've begun
Hurry and take me straight into the arms
Of my dear someone
Hurry and take me straight into the arms
Of my dear someone

The beginning.

Here begins an attempt to document all the little details of life. I intend for this to be a place to share recipes, pictures and stories from our simple, yet beautiful life. 

So, welcome to my life.