Thursday, March 28, 2013

Meet Clyde

Last weekend Will and I adopted Clyde. He is an 8 month old kitten who was put up for adoption when his owner, an elderly lady, had to go to a nursing home & they would not allow pets. He is just the sweetest thing-a little bit shy but he warms up quickly.

My phone is already filled with pictures of this sweet guy & while Will has been away I've sent him lots of update pictures. I promise I'm not a cat lady! Unfortunately, he has been pretty sick the past few days & I even forced him to go see the vet on Tuesday. Apparently its very common for kittens to get sick when they move homes. He has been sneezing/coughing; it is so pitiful! 

We're hopeful that he is on the mend & we will see his full personality come out soon. I am also hoping he gets better quickly so I don't have to continue giving him these antibiotic pills. Ever tried to give a cat a pill? Yeah, it doesn't go over too well. At first he cooperated but now he has gotten clever and will wiggle his way out of your arms. How is it that the vet made it look so easy??.. "just hold him, drop the pill in his mouth, hold his mouth shut.. done!" Eh... it is NOT like that at all. After about 10 attempts, we were successful tonight, but not without a few battle wounds on my end.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Just one of those days.

You know when you're just having one of those days? Well, that would be about how my day went. From the moment I woke up, things went awry. Will is filming out of town again this week, Clyde is sick, I got very little sleep last night and every minor task became an extremely frustrating one.

This blog isn't always about good times; I am going to be as honest and real as possible. Lets start with today; it was rough. I'm missing Will like crazy & we are so ready to see this show come to an end. I am desperately craving quality time with him. There are still boxes to be unloaded and I keep remembering things that I am missing (still unsure of what box they could be in). Our poor little kitten is sick & seems to be getting dehydrated by the minute (yet he refuses to drink anything). Oh the list goes on. 

The good news is tomorrow is a new day. On days like this, do you ever just want to go to bed early so the day can come to an end? I do. I am going to bed soon. I figure sleep can never hurt. I am praying for a better day tomorrow. I know with a good attitude and a fresh start, it will be. So, for all of you that had one of those days today, just remember that we all do & we have the privilege to start over tomorrow. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Its important to focus on all that we have in this world full of so many "wants." When we begin to count all the good things, we often realize that we are more blessed than we realized. 

Here's what I'm thankful for recently:

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after 8 months of extremely hard work & long hours for Will. This picture was actually taken a few weeks ago & as of right now we (hopefully) only have 2 more weeks to go!

Leisurely bike rides with Will & explorations in our new neighborhood:


Sweet little Clyde, the newest addition to our family:

Fridays that begin with this:

Lazy rainy mornings complete with blankets, hot tea and a Britt's donut (the best donuts in the world, I promise):

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A community home.

I promise this is my last post about the house for a while (ok, maybe I can't make such promises, but I'll try). I have just been day dreaming of all the good times we've already had in this house. Friends gathered around a fire in the backyard, delicious food on the grill, and most importanty, lots and lots of laughter.

When I begin thinking of the upcoming year in this house, all I can do is smile. Its not really the house itself that brings us so much happiness, but rather all that it provides. I am pumped to have a space where friends can gather, a guest room to offer up to anyone that needs a place to stay (or just wants to come visit us), a kitchen to cook & bake & share good food with others, a garden in the a backyard that will produce veggies and herbs & a space that we consider "everyone's."

Will and I from the beginning decided that wherever we lived it would be a space for everyone. We would share it with friends & family & offer it up to whoever needed a place. My heart is so full knowing that we can bring people together in this home. I am looking forward to picnics and cookouts, bike rides around the neighborhood and friends gathered around the dining table.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Home sweet home

We're officially all moved in to our new place! We have already fallen in love with this house & are so enjoying having a yard. It is wonderful to have a lazy morning drinking tea on the porch and enjoying the first signs of spring.

View from the front stoop: 

Saturday was the big move day & honestly it went smoothly (I had anticipated the worst!). All I can say is that we are blessed with friends that are willing to give up their Saturdays and haul large boxes and furniture for us. Those guys had the apartment emptied in about thirty minutes. I did find that all the prep work I did the week or so leading up to the move helped a ton. It is crucial to have everything ready to go and labeled well.

Sunday we had a few friends  over to show them the new place & to have a fire (of course). I have a feeling that we will be out by this fire pit every weekend. Will loved having a fire & I loved the s'mores. I can imagine some good memories will be made in this home.

We still have plenty of unpacking and organizing to do, but it already feels so homey. Unfortunately, Revolution decided to film out of town this week so Will is away in Raleigh and won't be back until Saturday at the earliest. The positive to this is that I can (hopefully) get lots of unpacking and organizing done. I am just moving slowly from one room to the next. More updates to come!

Sunday, March 10, 2013


I've been sort of MIA from the blogging world because I've been packing boxes like a mad woman. It seems that you never realize how much stuff you have until you move. 

Fortunately, the ABC store here gives out boxes for free. I walked in last week and the lady at the counter was staring me down and clearly thought I was too young to be in there (naturally). I asked her about boxes and she told me take as many as you can fit in your car! I've loaded the lil' camry up a few times now. I finally feel like I'm making a dent in the moving process! We still have a ways to go, but it will get done.

We are stoked about moving from an apartment to a house. Will & I both love to be outside which is something we've really disliked about an apartment. We are excited for sitting around a fire in the backyard, riding bikes in the neighborhood and eating dinner on the patio. 

This upcoming week/weekend will be crazy, but hopefully we can get settled fairly quickly. I have attempted to be organized in this moving process (something that is so not me). I've got all the boxes color coordinated and labeled (ie: pink tape=kitchen, orange=master bedroom). Hopefully having things organized beforehand will help cut down on the unpacking time. 

Will informed me yesterday that Revolution will be filming in Raleigh for over a week starting the Monday after we move. Not too excited about that, but on the bright side, I'll have plenty of time to unpack while he is away. 

i'll admit; i'm already pretty sore from lifting boxes and carrying loads in and out. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


We are excited to announce that we are moving!! Its just about 10 minutes from our apartment now, but we're gaining more space & lots of yard space. We found a cute little rental house and are moving in less than two weeks (crazy!). I've got lots of packing to do, but I am thrilled & can't wait to move in. 

Pictures to come!