Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Post grad life.

Will & I were looking at Instagram & saw a post from a high school senior holding her UNC acceptance letter with #classof2017. We both looked at each other and yelled "2017?!?!" Post-grad life just got real, y'all. We had the realization that it has almost been two full years since we graduated from college. It feels like we blinked and it happened!

Its crazy that it has been two years since I lived with six of my best friends-sharing clothes, stories and so many laughs. I miss those days. Where themed parties and late night "study" sessions happened frequently, where McDonalds and coke icees were purchased probably too often and where something was always happening. Don't get me wrong, I love life right now & wouldn't trade it for anything, but oh some days, I miss Chapel Hill and all the people who made it wonderful. 

These days between work and life, its difficult to stay in touch with all of our school friends. Will and I were blessed with wonderful friends and we so want to continue those relationships. I know that its natural for people to flow in and out of your life, for relationships to change and friends to move on. How do you balance new friends with the old? There are so many people I love, yet there never seems to be enough time to catch up with everyone. I suppose this is an incredible problem to have. How blessed we truly are! I feel guilty for not knowing details about my friends lives and hate that I miss birthdays and promotions. Post-grad life is an interesting stage. For now, I will continue to be thankful for sweet friends and great technology. We will squeeze in as many phone calls and facetimes as we can and hope that our friends far away know that they are loved and missed dearly by us.

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