Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The TV-less Life

About a month and half ago, we cut the cable and got rid of our TV. 

I know, I know... some of you are freaking out for us. We've survived, I promise. In fact, we've more than survived, we've thrived! We love life without the TV.  I realize this is very foreign and weird to most people, but I'll explain our reasoning and what life looks like without it.

Our reasoning: It was pretty simple, honestly. We rarely used the TV and when we did we were mostly channel surfing or watching random cooking shows. We knew we could do without it pretty easily. It was actually Will's suggestion and I had no problem with it, so boom. TV gone. 

I rarely even notice its missing because our life is filled with lots of other wonderful things. We spend more time listening to records, delving into new and old books and adventuring outside than we did before. I've powered through several books over the past few weeks.

Now I won't lie, every once and a while we pull out the Ipad, get on Netflix and enjoy a show or two. I still enjoy watching movies and shows, but when you take away the convenience of watching it, you are forced to spend your time more wisely. Some (ok a lot) would say we're nerds, but hey, we're ok with that. Here's to stacks of books to read and shelves of old records to play!

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