Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Andddd the adventures continue...

We are becoming quite familiar with "in sickness and in health," particularly the "in sickness" part. Will has recovered quickly and I think is pretty much back to himself again. But, our marriage  is an adventure, so soon after Will was feeling better, I began having back pain. For over a week, I was suffering from this pain until I had Will take a look at my back since it felt bruised. He told me there was a large lump to the left of my spine and begged me to go to the doctor the following day. 

In short, I've been to two different doctors and both are stumped. No one seems to know what it could be. I was told that it could possibly be a really bad muscle spasm. Thankfully, the pain has gotten significantly better and the lump has disappeared. The doctors want me to get an ultrasound on my back tomorrow just as a precaution, but they anticipate it will come back clear.

Needless to say, Will and I are praying for good health and low medical bills. We are thankful that neither of our issues have been major, and although we do enjoy an adventure, I think we'd be OK with a little bit of normal for a while.

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