Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This adventurous marriage.

Yesterday marked one beautiful, crazy month of marriage. We thought the honeymoon was an adventure, but I guess that was just the beginning.

Sunday, Will had an emergency appendectomy. I noticed he wasn't acting himself when he hardly ate his dinner and refused birthday cake on Saturday night. He complained of a stomach ache that night and woke up feeling the same. Since I knew the symptoms from personal experience, I was confident he had an appendicitis. After much convincing, begging and several phone calls to friends for advice, I practically dragged him to the ER. Fortunately the ER was pretty deserted on Sunday morning, so they took us back quickly. Will told me not to tell anyone we were there until it had been confirmed that it was actually something serious. After the CT came back, showing an appendicitis, we called his family and his coworkers. The surgery was fast and he was back in a hospital room in no time. Sadly, they didn't come get me until AFTER the anesthesia had worn completely off. We spent the night on those lovely, comfy beds and by 4:30 am were awake and ready to go home.

He is healing quickly and already hobbling around. Yesterday, he hobbled into my office to bring me flowers for my birthday. 

You know, its funny how things work out for good. Will was supposed to be out of town for a few days, including my birthday. Even though hes in pain, we get one week of time together. Dinner together, hanging out with friends together ... this is crazy! We are loving it.

Sorry it took an appendictis to get you a break from work, but I sure am loving all this quality time.

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