Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Uncovering & Creating.

I joined a book club recently. A book club for two (and I promise its not Clyde & me). My sweet friend, Laura, who moved to Colorado & I were discussing books and had several of the same books on our "want-to-read" list so she suggested doing a book study together. It has been wonderful and I look forward to our skype discussions so very much. It also helps me process the book and probably spend more time contemplating the content versus just flying through the book. 

Our first book is A Million Little Ways by Emily Freeman. Her words are beautiful and I find myself re-reading paragraphs just to soak up all the goodness she has to say. The book presents the idea that we are all artists and are born to live that out. Just take this in ...

"God is not a technician. God is an artist. 
This is the God who made you. The same God who lives
inside you.
He comes into us, then comes out of us, in a million little
That's why there's freedom, even in the blah.
Hope, even in the dark.
Love, even in the fear.
Trust, even as we face our critics.
And believing in the midst of all that? It feels like strength
and depth and wildflower spinning; it feels risky and brave
and underdog winning.
It feels like redemption.
It feels like art."

Yep. Beautiful, right? I feel like I am learning so much already and feeling freedom in the idea that ... "We are not trying to become a better version of ourselves. Instead, we begin to uncover the person whom we have forgotten we already are."

There are so many quotes and stories I want to share but it would be unfair to do that. You simply must read the book. Read. Underline. Discover & uncover. Discuss. Share. I promise you will savor every moment while reading this book.

There will be more posts to come on this & all that I am learning, but for now, another beautiful quote from Emily Freeman.

"You have to uncover the art before you can release it. 
The problem for most of us is, we have let the negative emotions 
decide for us that the art isn't worth uncovering. 
We have allowed the terror of exposure and the risk of failure 
to outweigh the truth of our remade identity."

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