Saturday, May 11, 2013

Vacation: Part One (Farm Life)

Its been awhile since I've been on here. Finally getting organized & settled after a wonderful vacation with Will. Sometimes you don't realize how badly you need a break until you get one. It was glorious! Time together & with family/friends, good food & lots of rest. 

We did a little southwest tour of Oklahoma & Texas. Our first stop was to see Will's older brother, James, who manages an organic farm in Oklahoma (about an hour or so from Oklahoma City). We so enjoyed our time on the farm & the quietness that comes with farm life. They have a little farmhouse that we stayed in & I loved the simplicity of the place- no TV, no internet & a beautiful view. We slept in & then toured the farm. I was so impressed by how hard James works & I loved seeing him in "boss mode." We are truly so proud of him- what an awesome example of hard work & persistence. 

view from our farmhouse

We saw how difficult & unpredictable farming is while out there. A hail storm ruined newly planted crops.

James made us breakfast from fresh farm products: eggs, spinach & turnips. Also, peach butter on the toast (my favorite!).

Thankful for another older brother who welcomes us into his home.

Check out that "Cooper Organics" label on there!! 

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