Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Everything's bigger in Texas

After our trip to the farm, we headed south to hit a few cities in Texas. First, we had a wonderful visit with Will's aunt, uncle & cousin in Fort Worth. It was such a joy to spend time with them & catch up on life. We so would have liked to spend more time with them, but we had to keep moving to squeeze everything into a short week. Aunt Kris & Uncle Chuck took us to a fun Mexican restaurant in Fort Worth & gave us a driving tour of their city.

The next morning, we headed on to Austin. We've been wanting to go there for a while now. It seems every magazine you pick up lists Austin as one of the top cities to visit or top "foodie" cities. Since Will & I are aspiring foodies, we were itching to get out to Austin & experience the food scene. One of our first stops was at a local coffee shop, Houndstooth Coffee, where the baristas began listing off restaurants and bars that we should hit up while we were in town. I won't list all of the places we ate & went, but let me tell you we eat WELL. Austin, we loved your charm & eclectic feel; we will most definitely be back.

One of many cups of coffee on this trip.

Awesome pizza in SoCo.

Second Bar & Grill- loved eating outside!

Hotel San Jose-check it out. Awesome location & wonderful hotel.

Our last stop was Corpus Christi to visit one of our good friends, Ben. We loved getting to see him & seeing where he works. Ben works at a high-end gun shop in Corpus. He also is currently living on a sailboat. Dream bachelor pad? Pretty much. I think Will was a little jealous & we fully enjoyed laying on the deck & admiring all the boats. 

Observations about Texas: everyone owns a truck. whataburgers are everywhere. gas is cheap. and mexican food is served for breakfast.

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