Thursday, May 16, 2013

Married to a photographer

When you're married to a photographer you often find yourself in awkward situations where you're posing for a ridiculous amount of time only for him to say, "can you move slightly to the left?" I'm not that photogenic, yet somehow I become the subject of so many photos Will takes. Its sweet & I'm learning to stop making funny face & just go along with it. Luckily we do have some awesome photos & I am thankful we will have wonderful pictures of our future children for FREE!

Anyway on this past vacation I decided I was going to take some video. I'd been thinking about life & capturing all the wonderful, simple moments. I love still photography but there is something to be said about a video. I took random clips throughout our trip on my iphone and my point-and-shoot. I promise this is nothing great at ALL & compared to Will's work it is horrible, but I think I captured the beautiful scenery and simple moments with my favorite person. 

You can check out the video at A look at our trip through the eyes of the non-photographer.

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