Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sunday boat rides

For the past few Sundays, we have been taking the boat out (let me clarify that its not OUR boat... its Will's family's). It is so relaxing to just cruise on the waterway and now that all the tourists are gone its less crowded. I am thankful to live on coast; the salty air and ocean breeze make my heart happy.

One of the best parts of our boat ride a few weeks ago was bringing along our little four legged friend. Hunter has a new dog, Patton, and the two are best buds. We took Patton on his first boat ride and he absolutely loved it!

The story of how Hunter got Patton is the best! A family from our church was living in an apartment while their house was being renovated. They asked Hunter to keep Patton for the summer & the two become fast friends. Patton followed Hunter everywhere and would not let him out of his sight. After Hunter returned Patton to the family, they noticed that Patton was moping around. They gave it a few days but he continued to just act depressed, so they called to tell Hunter they wanted him to have Patton. When Hunter walked into the house and Patton heard his voice, they said he immediately perked up and started sprinting towards Hunter. We love little Patton & are so excited he is officially part of the family.

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