Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Love is in the air

We are becoming quite the wedding folks. After attending six so far this year, we can definitely say that we love weddings! The food, lovely people & yes, the dancing, even though we are awful. Last weekend we celebrated another wonderful start for our friends Mike & Elizabeth. They started dating just a month before we did so I have fond memories of discussing relationship details with Elizabeth and moving from friends to dating to the thought of marrying our men to engagement. 

The DJ had a competition to see which couple had been married the longest. We clearly didn't last too long, but we loved watching it play out. The winner were grandparents of the groom & had been married for 67 years. Incredible! We sure hope we're out on that dance floor in 67 years.

The venue (Angus Barn) was awesome, but the people were even better. Congrats to the Houstons!

Susie, Laura & me

the luce reunites

Mr. & Mrs. Houston!

love this: philip & will dancing

cheerwine in glass bottles- the BEST!

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