Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nichols family time

This past weekend we took a quick trip up to Gaithersburg, Maryland for my cousin's wedding. We enjoyed seeing all of the Nichols side of my family & visiting with all of my aunts, uncles & cousins. Will was a little under the weather, but he was a trooper. The bride is half Thai and her family owns a thai restaurant in town, so the reception was held there. There was so much food & all of it was delicious, authentic thai cuisine. YUM.

The hotel was surrounded by tons of shops & restaurants, as well as a little lake with a walking path. Will and I enjoyed the beautiful fall weather and walked around a bit during the day.

I was so happy to see all of my family there! Its rare for every single member of a large family to be at an event, but our family doesn't miss weddings so we were all there in full force.

Even Grannie made the trek up!

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