Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Things I'm learning lately.

I've been learning a few things recently.

1. Be thankful for quality time. Will has been working a weird schedule the past few weeks which involves working Saturdays, so our time has been limited. I am learning to appreciate every little moment- whether it be just a few minutes of catching up or a whole day with him. Also, pretty thankful for days that end with this.

2. I like thin mint girl scout cookies? You may wonder why there is a question mark on that statement. I have never liked chocolate. I grew up despising it. I know, I know... its "un-american." I've heard that a million times. I still don't really like hershey bars or chocolate cake, but hey, I like thin mints! They are delicious & even better after sitting in the freezer. I've been missing out all these years!

3. Go-with-the-flow really is the best motto for life. Even at a young age, I claimed that statement & attempted to apply it to all areas. For some odd reason, people think that adults should have it all together. Weird, right? Welp, I don't and neither do you. I'm learning its best to just be open to opportunities and don't get so caught up in your "plan." Let's just go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

4. Krispy Kreme can bring a lot of joy to a film crew working on a Saturday night. I brought some glazed doughnuts to Will and his coworkers this past weekend and I think they may have made filming in the freezing cold a little bit less miserable.

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