Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Home sweet home

We're officially all moved in to our new place! We have already fallen in love with this house & are so enjoying having a yard. It is wonderful to have a lazy morning drinking tea on the porch and enjoying the first signs of spring.

View from the front stoop: 

Saturday was the big move day & honestly it went smoothly (I had anticipated the worst!). All I can say is that we are blessed with friends that are willing to give up their Saturdays and haul large boxes and furniture for us. Those guys had the apartment emptied in about thirty minutes. I did find that all the prep work I did the week or so leading up to the move helped a ton. It is crucial to have everything ready to go and labeled well.

Sunday we had a few friends  over to show them the new place & to have a fire (of course). I have a feeling that we will be out by this fire pit every weekend. Will loved having a fire & I loved the s'mores. I can imagine some good memories will be made in this home.

We still have plenty of unpacking and organizing to do, but it already feels so homey. Unfortunately, Revolution decided to film out of town this week so Will is away in Raleigh and won't be back until Saturday at the earliest. The positive to this is that I can (hopefully) get lots of unpacking and organizing done. I am just moving slowly from one room to the next. More updates to come!

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