Thursday, March 28, 2013

Meet Clyde

Last weekend Will and I adopted Clyde. He is an 8 month old kitten who was put up for adoption when his owner, an elderly lady, had to go to a nursing home & they would not allow pets. He is just the sweetest thing-a little bit shy but he warms up quickly.

My phone is already filled with pictures of this sweet guy & while Will has been away I've sent him lots of update pictures. I promise I'm not a cat lady! Unfortunately, he has been pretty sick the past few days & I even forced him to go see the vet on Tuesday. Apparently its very common for kittens to get sick when they move homes. He has been sneezing/coughing; it is so pitiful! 

We're hopeful that he is on the mend & we will see his full personality come out soon. I am also hoping he gets better quickly so I don't have to continue giving him these antibiotic pills. Ever tried to give a cat a pill? Yeah, it doesn't go over too well. At first he cooperated but now he has gotten clever and will wiggle his way out of your arms. How is it that the vet made it look so easy??.. "just hold him, drop the pill in his mouth, hold his mouth shut.. done!" Eh... it is NOT like that at all. After about 10 attempts, we were successful tonight, but not without a few battle wounds on my end.

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