Monday, March 25, 2013

Just one of those days.

You know when you're just having one of those days? Well, that would be about how my day went. From the moment I woke up, things went awry. Will is filming out of town again this week, Clyde is sick, I got very little sleep last night and every minor task became an extremely frustrating one.

This blog isn't always about good times; I am going to be as honest and real as possible. Lets start with today; it was rough. I'm missing Will like crazy & we are so ready to see this show come to an end. I am desperately craving quality time with him. There are still boxes to be unloaded and I keep remembering things that I am missing (still unsure of what box they could be in). Our poor little kitten is sick & seems to be getting dehydrated by the minute (yet he refuses to drink anything). Oh the list goes on. 

The good news is tomorrow is a new day. On days like this, do you ever just want to go to bed early so the day can come to an end? I do. I am going to bed soon. I figure sleep can never hurt. I am praying for a better day tomorrow. I know with a good attitude and a fresh start, it will be. So, for all of you that had one of those days today, just remember that we all do & we have the privilege to start over tomorrow. 

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