Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A community home.

I promise this is my last post about the house for a while (ok, maybe I can't make such promises, but I'll try). I have just been day dreaming of all the good times we've already had in this house. Friends gathered around a fire in the backyard, delicious food on the grill, and most importanty, lots and lots of laughter.

When I begin thinking of the upcoming year in this house, all I can do is smile. Its not really the house itself that brings us so much happiness, but rather all that it provides. I am pumped to have a space where friends can gather, a guest room to offer up to anyone that needs a place to stay (or just wants to come visit us), a kitchen to cook & bake & share good food with others, a garden in the a backyard that will produce veggies and herbs & a space that we consider "everyone's."

Will and I from the beginning decided that wherever we lived it would be a space for everyone. We would share it with friends & family & offer it up to whoever needed a place. My heart is so full knowing that we can bring people together in this home. I am looking forward to picnics and cookouts, bike rides around the neighborhood and friends gathered around the dining table.

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