Monday, January 20, 2014


January is flying by and we're already almost into February! I blogged a little about some very general goals for 2014, but I'm still dreaming up some ideas. It can seem a bit silly to write these down, but I'm going for it and hoping to knock a few things off the list.

1. Read a book a month. (Hopefully more, but we shall see).
2. Take a sewing class. -- I've been checking on the schedule for JoAnn's and there are a lot of upcoming beginner classes.
3. Travel somewhere new -- We were hoping to make it out west this year, but we're not sure since this seems to be shaping up into a very busy film year (which is a good thing). Either way, I want to travel somewhere new; I'm open to things really close by or farther away.
4. Be an encouraging wife-- find ways to serve Will.
5. Get into a running/workout routine. Every since running XC in high school, I have craved that solid routine I once had. I'm still not sure if I want to get back into more distance running and train for a half marathon, or branch out and try some other activities like yoga or sprint triathlons. My goal is simply to start & stick with some sort of exercise routine.
6. Find ways to continue learning (ie: visit museums, explore new cultures, try out some conversation groups etc).
7. Be intentional about maintaining friendships & open our home up to foster new & old relationships. 

2014 has already brought so many wonderful changes for us. I'm looking forward to another great year!

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