Tuesday, January 7, 2014


It is a frigid morning here. Granted, it is nothing like what the rest of the country is experiencing, but for North Carolina it is cold! Schools are even operating on a two hour delay this morning because they decided it was too cold for students to be standing at the bus stop (that's the south for ya).

This morning I slept in, crawling out of bed after 8:30 and immediately throwing on warm socks and a big sweatshirt. I made some hot tea and bundled under a thick cable knit blanket. Will is up now and the smell of freshly ground coffee is in the air. It's one of those good, slow mornings where music is playing and we are waking slowly.

I should be packing but I can't help but soak up this time and place. I know there will be time for packing and moving later, so for now I will keep sipping on this cup of tea and turning pages in my book. This morning is a good reminder to not rush the day, to put off the chores every once in a while and spend time with the ones you love. It is so worth it; I promise.

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