Thursday, January 9, 2014

Forgiveness is the key to a happy marriage.

"A happy marriage is a union between two good forgivers." - Robert Quillen

This morning I am reminded of the beauty of grace and forgiveness. The gift that with each day we start fresh. His mercies are new every morning! ...How I am so thankful for this! 

I am thankful that we have an example to follow for marriage and that when I can't seem to get it together or visa versa, we have already been forgiven by our Maker. It is a sweet moment when all you want to do is be upset/angry and then you are overcome with thoughts of the Lord's grace for you. I remember that I screw up nine million times (a day probably) and He says, I love you. You are mine & you are forgiven. Mindset changed. You see, when we look at our marriage and our spouse like the Lord looks at us, we are able to forgive more easily and overlook those silly mistakes. I know I personally need a heck of a lot of forgiveness because let's be honest, I'm rude and I speak too quickly at times. 

This morning I'm reminded of how the Lord wipes our slate clean over and over again. I am realizing more and more how undeserving I am of this love and forgiveness, yet I sit here begging for more of it. Today I am thankful that I married a sinner and that perfection is not attainable. I am thankful that I am not God, but that I can look at His example of love and strive to live that way. I am learning over and over again how to forgive and be forgiven and boy does it feel good!

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