Saturday, January 25, 2014


Five things on this cold Saturday morning:

We visited Cameron Art Museum here in Wilmington for a little midweek date. It's a goal of mine to explore our city and since it was 20 degrees & I was off work, we decided to hit up the local museum. We saw an exhibition called Art Among Friends which featured paintings and artwork from America created between 1880 and 1940. We really enjoyed it! Also, our museum has a cafe that features local food so we stopped in for lunch & had delicious BLT sandwiches. 

I made brown butter donuts with chocolate icing & rainbow sprinkles this week for our new neighbors (and Will sampled). They were delicious and the donut part had a little bit of nutmeg in it, which brought out a unique flavor. I found the recipe here on one of my favorite baking blogs. I highly recommend ALL of her recipes!

Y'all, it may snow. In Wilmington. Maybe... but let's be honest probably not. I'm praying HARD. The forecast looked like this yesterday for the upcoming week. (although I just looked a minute ago and they've already reduced the accumulation amount). I've become my Dad and am so excited about the potential of snow that I can't handle it. Checking the forecast every few hours for updates has become a normal thing. I just want one snow!!

Our office at the house is starting to come together & I'm loving it! I'm typically not a work-at-a-desk type of person, but it's so bright and inviting that I can't resist. Also, this room seems to get the warmest because it has a lot of sunlight pouring in all day so sometimes I just go sit at my desk for warmth. 

This picture has me aching to travel. Wanna hop on a plane with me tomorrow? 

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