Sunday, March 16, 2014

Reunions, the dirty D & other shenanigans.

I'm sitting in bed on this rainy Sunday afternoon getting some schoolwork done while Will films today. It has actually been nice to get things organized and in order for the week. I'm also beginning to notice the tiniest scratchiness in my throat so I will soon be on a mad search for EmergenC or Air Borne ... I will NOT get sick!

I spent Friday night with some of my favorite people in the world, catching up on life, jobs, etc. After work, I drove up to Durham to see some of my college roommates. We grabbed dinner here, sitting outside with the lights & heaters made it picture perfect except let's be honest, the food was too delicious to be taking pictures. We walked around for a bit and headed back to their house for a night full of catching up. As predicted, we didn't do much more than sit and chat for hours (wouldn't have wanted anything else), most of that time was spent sitting on floor talking. There were plenty of couches and seats available but we all congregated in the kitchen and plopped on the floor while munching on warm chocolate chips cookies. It felt like it had been forever since I'd seen them, but  just a few months had passed. We still had plenty to talk about and I enjoyed every moment spent there. It was totally worth the drive!

Saturday morning, I grabbed coffee with my sweet friend, Alex, at an awesome local coffee shop (that Will would have loved), which left me missing living so close to these girls and local coffee shops. [Wilmington is severely lacking in this department & sadly we just have a bunch of Starbucks & Port City Javas]. 

I am so thankful for friendships that last for years & people who bring so much joy into my life. I'm hopeful that we will continue girls weekends for years to come.

While writing this I took a break to down some Air Borne; cheers, y'all. Here's to a good, HEALTHY week!

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