Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ugly Beauties

Last night my dear friend, Laura, and I were talking about the ugly beauties of life. We are still reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and she talks about these in the book. She talks about perception and the way we look at these sometime ugly things & change them into ugly beauties. 

My day looked like a lot of ugly beauties. Seriously. And I spent most of my day thinking "that is annoying and very ugly" and then trying to switch my mindset to "I am thankful I have _____."

Here are some of my ugly beauties today:
Alarm clocks going off so early   (I have a job to wake up for..)
The internet was down at work   (we have internet & other luxuries)
LOUD students   (they are full of joy and laughter)
Computer issues   (funny that these are my issues, again, thankful to OWN a computer)
Crumbs & messes left from kids in my car   (I get to spend time with sweet kids who love this time so much I had to BEG them to get out of the car today)

So it was a ugly beautiful day. At first glance, I would have labeled this day a 
"bad day," but it really wasn't once I changed my perspective. Sorry if you're getting sick of me talking about perspective and focusing on the good, it just keeps coming up in my life :)

(Quoting a woman who began focusing on gratitude), Ann Voskamp writes, "I can feel the gratitude starting to soak into my soul."

I love that. Let it seep in & change us.

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