Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The flu invasion

I've been a little MIA from this space because the flu has invaded our house. Will started feeling not too good on Sunday and thought it was strep, but after a quick strep test that came back negative we assumed it was sinus related. Sunday night he was up all night sniffling and uncomfortable due to an achey body which meant that I, too, was up all night. He really isn't a wimp with sickness, I'm just a lighter sleeper now and I couldn't sleep much with all the getting up, not to mention I felt pretty bad for him. Around 4:45 AM, we decided to just get up. Will, sadly, had to go into work, fever/chills and all. He was desperately searching for someone to cover him, but it seemed everyone was working on something else or [obviously] was not awake at 5 AM. I put a kettle of water on for some tea and starred off in space, feeling pretty sorry for myself and my lack of sleep. Fortunately, I did settle in with my devotional [My Utmost for His Hightest] and spent a few sleepy moments offering up my day, or rather, desperately praying that I would have an easy day :)

It started out as "one of those days," where the smallest things happen and you just start to crumble immediately. My students were great and it actually turned into a very easy day of teaching. Will was able to find a replacement around 10 AM and came home and slept most of the day. I got home yesterday afternoon and began cleaning like crazy, hoping to rid our house of these nasty germs [and prevent myself from getting it]. After getting things sanitized, I settled in with a book for a relaxing afternoon. The house was quiet with two nappers [Will & Clyde] and I savored the time. 

Its Day 3 of the sickness for Will and at this point he is still sleeping. I'm hoping that when he wakes, he'll be feeling better or at least part of the way there. Thankfully he is off again today. Sickness is no fun, but hopefully we'll be a healthy house again soon!

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