Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Life Updates

A few life updates:

1. [Probably the most hilarious update]: Somehow I found myself coaching two science olympiad teams this year. As a child my mom asked me if I was interested in doing this and I laughed! Funny how this all comes full circle, right? I honestly was clueless and fumbled my way through the preparation [half of the content was WAY over my head]. The competition was on Saturday, an all day event at UNCW, with thousands of middle schoolers. Y'all, it was insane! My school did fantastic & beat out schools way bigger than ours. Our entire science olympiad team (18 kids) will advance to the state competition. (And I had just been thinking how nice it would be to have my afternoons back ...)! But really, I am pumped for them & my competitive side is coming out. We are already back to studying/preparing like crazy. The kids I'm coaching are the best & I am so proud!

2. I'm almost afraid to write this on here because then it means people will be holding me accountable & it will be real, but I am planning on doing a sprint triathlon this summer. It's something that I've wanted to do for a long time, but never had time for it or all the other million excuses. I actually did a few sprint triathlons as a child & really enjoyed them. I think it will feel good to get back into training mode & compete in something. I do have a tendency of saying that I will compete in something and then as it gets closer, I back out, but I really want to do this!
It's not until June so I have plenty of time to prepare! Lately, I have just been feeling blah and wanting to get into better shape, so go big or go home, right?

3. It's back to life with the little orangey and me while Will is working long hours. I'm getting back into the swing of things & relearning to enjoy alone time. Hot tea, warmer weather (well, at least before today), and good books make it a lot easier.

Happy Tuesday! Praying for warmer weather ASAP!

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