Monday, April 7, 2014


An elderly neighbor said to me recently, "where you grew up will always be home, no matter how much time passes." I've been thinking about what she said and I think she is right. Despite how comfortable I am in Wilmington and how much I love our life here, going back to Charlotte and staying at my parent's house will always be "home." There are so many familiar things there: the 1960's style neighborhood full of a strange mixture of families and elderly couples, the smell of my mama's kitchen (there's always something good cooking), the yellow & blue plaid chair Grannie sits in most days, completing crossword puzzles & sudoku that no one else can figure out, the creaking of the stairs up to the bedrooms and the bright, yellow room where sleepovers with friends took place for so many years.

We visited my parents this weekend and all the feelings of home rushed back. I so enjoyed our visit, catching up with my family, eating good food and spending time outside. It was relaxing and refreshing.

On Saturday, we walked part of the greenway and then grabbed lunch. The rest of the day we spent sitting outside, talking & reading. My dad loves to grill so he fired up the Weber and cooked some delicious steaks & grilled veggies. While the food was cooking, we all sat outside with a glass of wine & enjoyed the last bit of warm sun for the day. I am so thankful for wonderful parents that welcome us in & love us well.

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