Thursday, April 24, 2014

Update on triathlon training.

Update on triathlon training: it's going (kind of). 

Right before we left for Mexico, I somehow hurt my knee. I went for a run and it was totally fine, but by the end of the day, I was wincing and walking around with a slight limp. It felt like my old running injury from high school (knee issue that took months to heal) was back and any time I bent my knee or straightened it completely, I felt a shooting pain. When we woke up to drive to Raleigh for our flight, it was killing me and I was a bit bummed that we were headed on vacation in this state; Will had a bad stomach ache, and sinus stuffiness/head congestion and knee pain had hit me hard. We were a pitiful crew. The knee pain continued on our trip, but seemed to improve daily. The bike ride we did across the island didn't seem to bother it and I figured resting from running was going to be a good thing.

Well, we got back and I intended to test out my knee and go for a short run within the first few days, but that didn't happen. Today, I started back at the exercising thing and had a great swim workout this morning (it's funny how great you feel after a good workout, but then how quickly you forget & dread it again the next day). 

I still have yet to sign up for the race, but am feeling more confident than I was a week or so ago. Yesterday, I happened to talk to one of my student's mom who has completed quite a few triathlons. She really encouraged me to give it a shot and boosted my confidence about my ability to do it. So ... I'm back at the training & hoping to stay more consistent and avoid any injuries. 

During my small group (we are still finishing up the book Boundaries), we discussed our "out-of-control soul" and some common issues that people face. Some being greed or food addiction, but one really struck me: task completion. The book talks about how people that struggle with this have an inability to delay gratification (they want to the pleasure right away) and struggle with lack of follow-through. I think I struggle with this a bit. Often, I get really excited about tasks and I get started, but I have difficulty completing them. I am seeing this with this training plan as well; I desperately want the satisfaction of completing a triathlon, posting pictures of me at the finish line and that proud feeling that I DID it, but I can't seem to muster up the strength & commitment to complete the daily grind of workouts and training. I want this to be motivation for me to really stick with it, to do the hard workouts and train daily so that in two months I can have that gratification that I completed it! Hold me accountable, y'all, I'm going to do this.

**Also, side note... it's funny how many excuses I can come up with daily to prevent doing a workout. Here are a few for your enjoyment. Maybe you can relate.
--I'm going to run before going to work today ... (alarm goes off) ... eh... I'll do it this afternoon, it's better for me to get rest.
--I've already showered today and it would really be a pain to have to shower again
--I haven't had enough water today ...
--Oh it's windy?, yeah... I think I'll go tomorrow...
--Oh it's below 60 or above 80, eessh that's not good weather for me...
--I DID work in the garden today, that's physical activity, right? (no lie, that was my excuse on Tuesday)
--It really ruins my morning routine of tea/breakfast & my quiet time if I run...

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