Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More of Mexico

We'll it's back to the grind over here. School started back yesterday & despite a bit of difficulty getting up in the morning, it was a really good day. While sitting and drinking my tea yesterday morning, I fell asleep and woke up to hot tea pouring all over me ... whoops! I had gotten too used to island life and sleeping in!

I'm sorting through our pictures and reliving the warmth & joy of Mexico (why is it so cold here?!). Here are a few pictures from the trip, more to come once I've sorted through all of them.

^ Check out that blue water!!

^^ sunset on Playa Norte (about a block from our hotel)

^^ We rented bikes for a day & rode across the island (only about 5 miles each way). It seemed like we picked the hottest day for the ride, but we took some breaks for pictures every so often!

^^ and we breaked for lunch & drinks :)

^^ Hotel Las Palmas, where we stayed. They had an awesome set-up... lots of hammocks and shady spots for reading and hanging out. This was right beside our room, but they also had hammocks on the rooftop too.

^^ red faces after biking across the island in 90 degree heat, but seriously, for that view? Who wouldn't?

^^ trying "Cazuelas," which are sort of a mix between an omelette & a soufflĂ© 

^^ Sounds a bit strange, but we visited a cemetery on the island. It was really interesting to see cultural differences; I love how bright everything is and all the crosses. The above picture is from a small chapel by the cemetery. 

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