Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Update from Mexico

I'm currently laying in bed, curled under covers with the little AC unit in our room blasting. Will is snoozing, as he should be since it's only 7 AM here. Recently I've had this issue when trying to sleep in, I can't do it, even when I desperately want to! Also, when the sun is pouring in and there's crystal clear water, 85 degrees of sunshine & blue skies awaiting me, it's a little hard for me to sleep. I'm a summertime girl. Nothing, I'm convinced, fills me with as much joy as sunshine, waves crashing on the shore & the smell of sunscreen. 

We've explored the island a bit, in a very low key way, the way we always travel. Will and I are laid back travelers. We don't make an agenda, plan meals or side trips, heck, we don't even wear our watches. Sometimes we take naps midway through the day or eat lunch at 3:00. Yesterday, we did both. 

After filling our stomachs with cazuelas (mix between an omelette & soufflĂ©), we headed back to load up on sunscreen and throw on our suits. After walking just a block, we were greeted with the bluest water you can ever imagine & bright, white powdery sand. Our morning was spent there, soaking up as much vitamin D we could get & loading up on 50 SPF because we are ghostly right now and because somehow as you get older you become more responsible about these things. 

As it hit the lunchtime hour and more people headed out to the beach, we headed in for a break. Our hotel has a lovely rooftop setup with hammocks & shade, a perfect spot to get a cool
breeze and read a few chapters of a book. I endulged in a mexi coke, because is there really anything better in this world?, and settled into a hammock with my book. We read for a few hours, ehm, Will read for a few hours, I read a chapter and then snoozed for a bit. By this point we were feeling a bit hungry so we headed across the street to the mercado. It seemed to be a hot spot among the locals so we figured it was worth a shot. Will ordered fish tacos and I got shrimp tacos instead. They brought them out with glass bottle cokes (pretend I didn't tell you I drank one earlier too, vacation.. Right?!?). My shrimp tacos were delicious, slightly garlicky with the taste of fresh lime spritzed on top. They were served in fresh corn tortillas with a little beans, tomato & avocado. The coke was bubbly and super sweet & the people watching was even better. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon back at the beach, watching the sunset from there. It was beautiful, perfectly orange and the contrast between the crystal clear water was incredible. We skipped on showers for a bit longer and ventured down to where the ferries come in for some more seafood (that's what they're known for here). The ceviche was perfect, lots of lime and cilantro. Also, the pico de gallo tasted so fresh and left us wanting the recipe. We called it a night after drinking a glass, or two, of red wine & sampling fresh bread & cheese (from the market) on the rooftop of our hotel. It was a good day yesterday, one for the books, no doubt.

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