Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A hint of spring

The past two days have been beautiful here & I am soaking up every bit of sun & fresh air that I can. Will & I have refused to stay inside & are constantly going to sit on the front steps, going for a walk or heading to the park. I know we're far from real spring but these little hints or bursts of warmer weather are good for the soul.

Monday evening we went for a bike ride, although since the sun was setting it was actually a bit colder than we expected. It was so refreshing and the brisk air did me some good after a long day at work. Yesterday, we ate lunch outside on the deck and then walked to get coffee. We drank our coffee in the park by our neighborhood and let the sun hit our faces. I am a sucker for warm weather and ever since I was little my mom would tease me about spring fever (truly summer fever, but hey, one step at a time). In school, I always struggled second semester, I guess due to lack of focus and the anticipation for summer break. Even to this day, I feel that. The excitement of warmer weather and things in bloom, spring break & the summer break ahead, neighbors out in their yards and children riding bikes through the neighborhood.

Last night, Will and I sat on the front steps enjoying the last bit of sun. Before we knew it, all of our neighbors were outside chatting and talking about the weather. The kids on our street were running around chasing each other & the adults stood around catching up. It's funny what a little sunshine and sixty degree weather can do!

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