Friday, February 14, 2014

Ice Storm-Round 2

Well, we survived the ice storm of 2014, or second one actually. This time around nothing covered the ground or street, ice just covered the trees and power lines. 

It wasn't quite as fun and definitely wasn't as beautiful this time around. In fact, it was a little scary hearing the crack of tree limbs and then watching them fall inches from houses and cars. We lost power for most of Wednesday, but thankfully it was restored late Wednesday night. Some folks are still without power around town. Losing power is fun for a little bit & even seems a bit adventurous, but let me tell you ... it loses it's charm pretty quickly. 

My mountain man did boil a kettle of water over the fire and we drank coffee/tea while sitting close to the fire, warming our toes. We got pretty darn close to cooking our dinner over the fire, but then thought about how easily we could get out and go somewhere WARM. The roads were not bad at all so we ventured out for a hot sandwich at one of our favorite deli's. Once we were stuffed, we headed home, hoping the power would be back on when we returned. It was not (womp womp) so we pulled in the mattress off the guest bed & set up a pallet bed by the fire. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty cozy. Fortunately, my husband thinks ahead (unlike me) and had downloaded an itunes movie while we still had power. We cuddled up and began the movie. About twenty minutes in, all the lights came on and I shouted with joy! Yay for heat!! 

We are so thankful for warm showers, heat and light! Our neighborhood still looks like a war zone with tree limbs everywhere and power lines still hanging down in places, but slowly things are coming back to normal. We're back at school & once again trying to get back into the swing of things (today was supposed to be a day off but its a makeup from the LAST ice storm). Spring, we're VERY ready for you at this point.

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