Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Enjoying this Season

Last night at small group, we got on the topic of envy & many people shared their jealous tendencies towards others lives. We talked a lot about being content in this particular season of life, where you are right now. It was interesting to me how almost every person shared that this is a struggle for them. Some of the women with children shared that they have always been this way, yet when they look back they are sad that they didn't enjoy the before time as much (before marriage, before children, before multiple children ... etc). We are always focusing on the next stage of life. When we were in college, it was graduating & getting a job, then marriage, then promotions or new jobs, then buying a house, then kids ... and so on. As I heard these women talk about how they regretted "wishing" away certain seasons of life, I was reminded that we need to enjoy this & not rush away the now. 

It's funny, I'm actually pretty content in this season of life, but if I spend about five minutes on instagram or social media, somehow I've been convinced that I need to live in an exotic place, or have a blonde-haired baby immediately or become some artsy woman running a small business. Y'all, social media can influence you & convince you of things you never thought you wanted. I was looking at this lady's instagram & blog and she had some awesome pictures of her homeschooling room & really cool ideas & suddenly I was like maybe we should homeschool. WHAT! I've never wanted that & Will and I are pretty set on sending our kids to a school (nothing wrong with homeschooling, it's just funny that social media so quickly changed my mindset). I really love instagram & keeping in touch with people in a way that wasn't possible just a few years ago, but I do have to be careful about jealousy.

There will come a time for buying a house & children, but not now. Now it's just the two of us & it's a very unique time to love Will well, to go as we please and travel frequently. Now is the time for us to chase some dreams, to cook dinner together with no interruptions and to go on dates whenever we feel like it. Now is so beautiful, yet sometimes I am too focused on the next thing.

Explanation of picture: I bought these flowers at Trader Joes for $3.99. They are so bright & everytime I walk into the dining room, they make me smile. I thought I'd document a lovely day with the sun beaming through the window & the flowers on the table, but then Clyde decided to lay on the table...

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