Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thank you, teachers.

Teaching is incredibly rewarding and it is wonderful job to work with children all day. But, lets be honest, it is HARD. Teachers aren't just hanging out after 2:30 on school days; they are planning, grading and tutoring. They are working diligently to make sure that every child understands the content. 

Oh man, do I have a lot to say to my teachers growing up. First of which is THANK YOU. Thank you for loving me, for working incredibly hard to teach me not only the content, but life skills. Thank you for having patience with me as I struggled in reading and writing. Thank you for loving that little blonde-haired tomboy who thought recess was the best class. Thank you for having patience with the awkward twelve-year old in the flynn o'harra uniform and for pushing me in high school to go after my goals. 

Thank you to Mrs. Harris, who's kindness and gentleness I'll never forget. You had patience with me and encouraged me every step of the way. Even at eight, I'll never forget how you boosted my confidence daily.

Thank you to Mr. Deer who showed me that math can be fun, but more importantly that with a little hard work you can grasp concepts you never thought imaginable. Also, for showing us a wonderful example of a young adult, something we so needed in middle school.

Thank you to Mrs. Virgin (yes, Virgin. pronounced "ver-ga-en") who encouraged a lifelong love of Spanish in me and through actions alone exemplified Christ. I will never forget how she treated each student with love and respect, even the most troublesome students. You were a light to many.

I am so grateful for ALL the teachers I had over the years. You deserve so much more money for what you do, yet I know that none of you do it for the money anyway. 

Thank a teacher today & check out this video of some celebrities thanking their teachers. 

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