Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Topics of conversation here

Here are a few things we've been reading or talking about in the Cooper house.

1. Prefab homes. They are so much cooler than I ever would have thought! Look at this cute coastal cottage (the inside is really cool too).

Also, did you know that people are now using shipping containers to create houses? I had no idea, but they are pretty incredible too. See some here.

2. This print & how to live that out. 

3. Butternut squash risotto with sage & bacon. Y'all, it was delicious. I would highly suggest it with a pork tenderloin and side salad. Its a good hearty meal, perfect for fall. Find the recipe here.

4. And this cutie. Clearly, the entertainer in our house & he loves every minute of it. Such an only cat. 

Happy hump day, the weekend is getting closer!

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